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Amazon X-Treme is suitable for all types of hair including damaged, frizzy and voluminous hair.

1000 ml

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Product Description

AMAZON X-TREME HS Amazon X-Treme combines innovation and exotic ingredients from the Amazon to create an unique revitalizing & reconstruction hair treatment that is STEAM-FREE. Mango Butter nourishes and softens stubborn hair while Brazilian Nut Oil reconstructs and hydrates the hair shaft.

This extraordinary formula restores and strengthens your hair, giving you shiny, sleek, healthy looking hair.


Why it Works

  • Instense straigthening without damage
  • Revitalizes hair with blend of Amazonian ingredients
  • Gel formula smoothens hair without making it heavy


How it Works

  • Brazilian nut oil’s fatty acids nourish hair
  • Keratin conditions hair to reduce frizz
  • Mango butter repairs and softens coarse texture 

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