CERIOTTI JUPITER Professional Barber Chair

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Professional Barber Chair

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Product Description

Ceriotti Jupiter The Best Barber Chair

As a result of 40 years of experience, passion and research, Ceriotti is proud to relaunch the Jupiter, legendary line belonging to the Ceriotti's family since the 50's, reinterpreted in a new and modern light.

professional quality barber chair , Middle East(UAE),

Structure and details in aluminum casting with mirror-like finish. Tip-over leg rest in aluminum casting with the logo Jupiter- Ceriotti (on one side) and the padding with saki upholstery (on the other)

Padding in high density polyurethane foam with low deformability. Hidden screws and junctions.

Total tip over by means of the lever that allows to recline the backrest and lift the footrest.

Retractable head rest, adjust able and removable.

Italian hydraulic pump with block.

Upholstery in saki with superior quality and more than 70 variants.

100% made in Italy.