Mangal Massage Bed - Massage cum facial table for economy spas and salon purpose

Mangal Massage Cum Facial Bed

Product Code : #ES0005

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Product Description

Mangal Massage Cum Facial Bed

Mangal Massage Bed is a professional facial cum massage bed for salons & day spas.

It is a solid wood design, durable and aesthetically good looking practical table for any day spa or salon.

The top cushion is 40 Density / 75 mm foam upholstered with soft PVC leatherette that is easy to clean.

The backrest can be inclined during facial treatments and the reclining mechanism is made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and nylon. There are wooden struts at the bottom for storing spa related equipment & accessories and have sufficient weight taking capacity.

There is face hole cutting in the top section with face hole plug as a standard accessory.

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